Optic Challenges

Optic Challenges refers to various difficulties with vision, including refractive errors, eye diseases, and impairments. This term highlights the broad spectrum of obstacles individuals may encounter in maintaining or correcting their vision.

  • Myopia (Nearsightedness): Difficulty seeing distant objects clearly. Nearby objects appear clear, while distant objects appear blurry.
  • Hyperopia (Farsightedness): Difficulty seeing nearby objects clearly. Distant objects may be clearer than objects that are nearby.
  • Astigmatism: Blurred or distorted vision at any distance due to an irregularly shaped cornea or lens.
  • Presbyopia: Age-related difficulty focusing on close objects, typically occurring around middle age. It makes reading or seeing things up close more challenging.
  • Color Blindness: Difficulty distinguishing between certain colors or seeing them differently than most people. The most common type is red-green color blindness.



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